Twitter User Claims Dan Harmon, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, Said: “29% of the US Population Are Nazis – and If You Disagree with Me on Twitter You’re a Nazi”

Fact Test - Mixed

The claim(s):

On August 20, 2017, a user on Twitter, quoting a YouTube video, claimed that Dan Harmon, co-creator of the television series Rick and Morty, stated: “29% of the US population are nazis – and if you disagree with me on twitter you’re a nazi.”

The truth:

The first portion of the quote is accurate, and the latter half is false.

Dan Harmon did say in the video, around the 3:20 mark, that: “29% of the people are fucking Nazis” (in reference to the U.S. population). He does not at any point in the video, however, state any variation of: “and if you disagree with me on twitter you’re a nazi.”

One mention of tweeting (which is a reference to Twitter) in the video comes at 2:27, and the full quote is as follows (this portion ranges from 2:20 to 3:13 in the clip):

“The discourse is over. We have sat, we have talked, we have argued, we have pondered. The discourse is over. These people that tweet you when you retweet somebody, when you just say a simple fact that should not cause you to get a knot in your stomach, like, ‘I’m not a Nazi.’ The people that tweet you and say: ‘Nor am I, but just out of curiosity- huh, duh, duh, duh, duh.’ Just tell them to go fuck themselves; the discourse is over, the war has begun. You’re not talking to Nazis anymore. You’re not talking to people that wanna entertain the notion of being a Nazi anymore. You don’t wanna talk to people that want to circumscribe the concept of Nazism within a fucking Socratic dialectic about, goddamn, whether Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. They’re fucking Nazis! It’s the bedrock of humanity. It is so low that the worst people in the world find it, and that’s where they rally.”

The claimed quote is not contained in this section.

The sole mention of Twitter by name in the video comes around the time of 5:10, and the full quote is as follows (this portion ranges from 4:39 to 5:14 in the clip):

“Fascism doesn’t pop up and then recede when it finds out no one’s into it. It doesn’t respond to love, it doesn’t respond to hate, it doesn’t respond to ignoring it, it doesn’t respond to timeouts, it doesn’t respond to attention, it doesn’t respond to lack of attention. You stab it; you cut it out. You bombard it with poison. Or, you die. And, in any case, you will probably die. Don’t die talking to cancer. Don’t die hanging out with it. Don’t die arguing with it on Twitter. It’s fucking fascism. Enough!”

This is the only naming of Twitter in the video, and does not contain the claimed quote.

It is on these bases that we rate this claim as containing some truth and some untruth.

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