Posts Claim a Shark Was Spotted on Freeways in Texas and Florida After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Fact Test - False

The claim(s):

On August 27, 2017, a user on Twitter posted an image with the caption: “Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in Houston, Texas. #HurricaneHarvy.” Then, on September 10, 2017, another user shared the same image with the text: “A shark photographed on I-75 just outside of Naples, FL This is insane. #HurricaneIrma.”

Fake Shark (Irma and Harvey).jpg

Jesse Waters of Fox News also reported that a shark had been spotted swimming down a highway in Texas. In the linked video, starting around 0:17, he states: “I’ve seen some amazing things out there just looking at television over the weekend; alligators on peoples’ back doorsteps. I saw a shark on a highway swimming in the water, like Sharknado.”

The truth:

This image is fake.

The original shark picture comes from the September 2005 issue of Africa Geographic.

Real Shark (africageographic200509p4243)

This is not the first time that the false image has circulated following a significant hurricane; it was likewise used in relation to Hurricane Irene in August of 2011, as can be seen in the YouTube video here, entitled, “Hurricane Irene shark in the street.”

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