Criteria for Contributors:

➤ Articles must be timely; the subject does not have to originate within the last year, but must be relevant within the last year as of the time an article is posted on it here. Relevant, in this case, means that people in numbers of the dozens or hundreds must still be posting on or sharing the claim within the last year.

➤ Articles must be of at least mild interest to the public; we may write articles on claims by individuals ranging from internet personalities of middling fame to politicians famous worldwide, but we shall not be writing articles on claims related only to individuals who have hardly any notoriety (e.g., we would not write on a claim related to someone with 200 Twitter followers, heard of or read about by few people).

➤ Articles must not include the author’s personal opinions on any given subject matter; only facts which are demonstrable are to be observed and presented.

➤ Articles must not include commentary on claimants unless it is unavoidably relevant; we are writing chiefly on events and ideas, as they relate to claims, not those who make the claims, generally. The sole time, in the majority of cases, that an article may be about a claimant is when some claim being addressed specifically and directly includes information (such as an assertion) regarding them. (Where applicable, it may be noted that the source of a false claim is devoted largely to sensational stories or satire.)

➤ Articles must be on what can be proven or disproven as of the time that the article is written; we are not writing to affirm or refute what people conjecture is so or not, or anyone’s prognostications. For instance, we would not write an article on whether a healthcare proposal may reduce or increase the number of those insured in the future based one someone’s estimations, as it is not yet known. We may, however, write on an established report of such figures that preceded the time of the article, or whether someone made a specific claim regarding some figures or data in the past.

Article titles must not be in the form of a question or sensational or misleading; our intent is to be straightforward and to answer questions, and nothing else.

 Chief sources used in articles should be archived and linked over text relevant to the links within said articles; we want to make certain that we preserve our proofs. Contributors are encouraged to employ to achieve this, where possible.

Articles must adhere to a standard format wherein any claims to be addressed in the text are presented clearly at the beginning, and the truth (whether claims are a fact, mixed [containing elements of truth and non-truth], or false) follows; prior articles already on Fact Test may be used as a guide for proper formatting, and contributors are encouraged to note in one word at the top of their articles whether they have deemed the claim that they have reviewed true, mixed, or false (this is to streamline the reviewing and publishing process).

➤ Contributors should run their article or claim ideas by the primary site staff before researching them to make certain that they are befitting of the site; this has to do with whether something is a matter of fact or perspective. Again, Fact Test is not intended as a platform for debating opinions or scrutinizing abstract concepts.

➤ Contributors are encouraged, though not required, to seek out claims to test or evaluate from across the political, social, and cultural spectra; this website is a nonpartisan endeavor, not a platform for right-wing, left-wing, or centrist agendas, aims, perspectives, or propaganda. We must do our best to cover various issues.

➤ All work related to Fact Test as an entity will be voluntary; though authors of Fact Test may acquire funds for other work, we do not intend to accumulate donations for this effort, and we do not and shall not pay those who wish to contribute to this effort.

➤ Any submitted works will be reviewed for accuracy before publishing, and may be subject to alteration or rejection if they are flawed or in need of improvements; clear reasons will be provided to an author if her or his article is altered or returned for corrections or revisals. Final alterations are up to the primary staff of Fact Test.

➤ Contributors are encouraged to give us the name that they wish to publish under as an author of Fact Test; once a publishing name is chosen, it stays that way.

➤ Contributors may provide one social media profile or other website to be included at the ends of their articles, if they so choose; the URL may be altered in future articles if the author changes it, but only one website or platform may ever be used (meaning, if one chooses Twitter, only her or his main Twitter account will be promoted thereafter, and may be changed solely if she or he changes her or his URL).


If you wish to apply to be a contributor, fill out the form below.

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